Hey fam! This week I set out a challenge to two teams to complete a tourist challenge in Ikseon-dong village. Ikseon-dong is a small area in Seoul filled with alleyways and backstreets brimming with a mash of traditional and western, or new age restaurants, Cafes and shops. As well as a mash of food style, the buildings you walk past as also the same theme. One café can look like it’s plucked from a Paris street with bay windows and a blue door while the next is a beautiful traditional archway leading into a courtyard to a Korean dining experience.

This week, our two teams set out to complete a list of tasks related to what tourist might want when sightseeing or experiencing new places in Seoul. The list included: visiting a Café, finding an item to buy for less than 5,000won ($5), Finding a spot in the maze of alleyways to take an instagrammable snap and to find an English word or phrase that seems unique or amusing!

One team even went to the famous ‘Mil café’ known for its steamed bread. Our other team also happened to find a unique old style gaming arcade positioned in a traditional building down one of the many alleyways found in Ikseon-dong.

As you can see, Ikseon-dong is a cultural hub for native and foreigners alike. It’s hidden just around the corner of Jogno 3 station so if you are visiting Seoul definitely check it out!
Please check out the video to see how our teams went! Did they complete the list? Have you visited Ikseon-dong? How do you think they went?