A couple weeks ago my Husband got LASEK surgery..

It was awesome. I just want to sincere recommend to everyone the Clinic where he got it. It’s called Glory Seoul Eye Clinic. They were totally incredible. From the beginning they took care of everything professionally, with personalized English attention. They answered kindly every single one of our questions and concerns about taking this big step in his life.

The clinic and doctor are widely recognized among Koreans for its good service. Now after 2 weeks and a half. My husband can say his vision is almost perfect and because we are really happy with the results we want it to share it with everyone else who may be thinking of getting eye surgery in the future. This is for sure the people that you want to take care of your surgery.

We recorded all the process from the beginning till two weeks after! I’ll let the VIDEO BELOW.! DON’T FORGET TO ACTIVE ENGLISH SUBTITLES!

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