This video presents my 5 tips on how to Thrive in Korea, especially within your first six months. I wanted to present a couple of power tips that are practical and that would take the average foreigner who moves to Korea from survival mode to thrive mode!

Moving to Korea can be an intimidating, life-changing decision that can bring feelings of fear, doubt, and loneliness to any foreigner living here. The following tips can help minimize (or eliminate altogether) those feelings. Here is an overview of 2 of my tips.

Tip No. 1: Take it all in. Before you even get caught up in the cares and worries of living abroad in Korea, start by taking a deep breath, and just ‘take everything in.’ Part of this is realizing that you are in a new country, which will bring a wealth of new experiences, relationships, and much more. This is a great opportunity that many people in the world simply will never have. So take it all in!

Tip No. 4: Find community. This one is extremely important because this is tied to how you will experience Korea, the culture, and the language. I suggest we look at this tip from two angles. The first angle is to find a community of other foreigners that you can connect with and easily share your experiences here in Korea with. This is a great way to quickly make new friends and to communicate (likely in English or another common language) with one another.

The second angle is to find a Korean community of friends. This will certainly help you to not only build your circle of friends, but to help you truly experience Korean culture. You will be able to improve your Korean and be introduced to different aspects of Korean culture that you otherwise would not be able to experience.

For more tips, definitely check out the video!