Since we have many dating applications such as Tinder and so on, people tend to make less effort at going out and meeting people in real life and asking them out on a date. Therefore, I made this video, interviewing people at a real party arranged my Global Seoul Mates, “How to start a conversation at a party?”

This party took place at Seoul Marina Club. It has a beautiful view of Hangang River. Regardless of one being a clubbing or party person, it is a wonderful place to hangout. It is very close to Dangsan station. It takes about 15mins walk. If you are not into walking you could also take bus or taxi.

There are many interviews that I couldn’t include because the video became too long. I was surprised that many people told me that they don’t know how to do it, when it comes to talking to the stranger. They mentioned that they prefer dating apps because it’s easier and people know what are they there for.

I personally think there is nothing wrong in using dating apps, but balance is always needed. Going out, meeting people, helps improve one’s social skills and also increase your network. I wonder what you guys prefer.

As the internet world is making dating much easier and things seems less complicated, there are many other complications that have taken place.

I have the same question for all the readers. What is your approach when you are at a party and you really like someone, how do you usually start a conversation. I would really appreciate if you could leave a comment for a healthy discussion.
Thanks .