Some people say that all they can do is to dream. We say that dreams will come true if you only believe in them. This year we made our dreams come true and we finally went to South Korea. After running a YouTube channel related to South Korean music and culture for 4 years, it feels like we’re finally succeeding. We come from Poland and until now we recorded Korea-related materials only in Europe. K-POP and Korean culture is becoming more and more popular in Europe nowadays – this is why we were able to attend many Korean events and concerts. But… We wanted more! Now, we can share our passion and love to South Korea through our vlogs, shopping hauls and more kinds of videos!

You will find various stuff on our YouTube channel – interviews with South Korean artists and groups, unboxing videos, concert after movies, K-POP MV theories, funny parody videos, weekly news, makeup tutorials and vlogs from Korean events, concerts and, what’s more important, from our trip to Korea! 🇰🇷

We recently uploaded a new vlog – we spent another day in Busan which is one of the biggest South Korean cities. If you love beautiful views, sea, relaxing on a beach and visiting traditional places – you will enjoy our vlog for sure. We already posted a few vlogs from our journey – we tried to record every single moment of our dream-like trip. We spend almost three weeks in Korea so you can expect many videos from us. We hope you’ll stay with us and check what we did in this beautiful country. Stay tuned and wait for more!