This video is about popular places the K-Pop group BTS (방탄소년단) frequent, and how fans can have the opportunity to spot them or even meet them in Korea! Visit them before they become more famous after the World Cup!

If you’re a fan of the boy group (the self-described ARMY), you probably are interested in knowing more about their life and habits before they became international stars.

While it is highly unlikely you will actually run into the group, today we will show you three places that you stand the best chances of meeting BTS in Seoul.

Since their rookie days, BTS often went to a restaurant called ‘yoojung sikdang’. Now, BTS ARMY line up to enjoy the restaurant. The restaurant is known for its grilled pork belly with chilli sauce, as well as its dolsot bibimbap (rice and vegetables in a hot stone bowl). Because the boys enjoyed dining here, there is often a line of tourists waiting to enter the restaurant and to spot BTS. Be ready for long lines!

Next, we visit ‘The Min’s’. This is a cafe lined with autograph posters of BTS. The cafe is owned by 2PM member Lee chang Min. BTS enjoyed their cherry ade and lemonade.

We finish our fan course at K-Star Road. If you are trying to meet BTS in Seoul, this might be your best bet. While you probably won’t spot the boys, you’ll be able hug the BTS bear at the end of the road.