Did you ever make Kimchi? I mean, really from the scratch? From Zero? Although I really love to eat Kimchi (a Korean doctor even told me to eat less Kimchi, can you imagine that?) but I never had the chance to make Kimchi by myself. But finally I got the chance to help my mother-in-law in the Kimjang season, which is usually in November / Dezember, which is the best time to make cabbage kimchi.

Since my Korean mom-in-law live in Busan, I needed to go first to Busan, so I could help her with the Kimchi preparation, called Kimjang (김장). She already salted it, so my work was to help her washing the cabbage outside and bring it home, where we did the final step: mixing the cabbage with all the ingredients. We made 30 cabbages together, which would be the stock for the whole year, so it was really hard work at the end. But it was a very rewarding experience, since I could bond a little more with my very cute mother-in-law. I promised her to come back next year again, so I can help her with the Kimjang preparations / Kimchi Making again.

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