In this video we revisit another older comic. This comic is actually from several years ago! We were still living in Sydney and hadn’t moved to Korea yet. I’ve actually been making comics about moments from our lives since 2012.

Are you the type to put your horrible cold feet on your partner? Hugh is! He also elbows me in the face while sleeping sometimes. I’m annoying in other ways, because I’m a light sleeper and get up a lot in the night.

I remember thinking it really funny that Hugh used the analogy of North Korea and South Korea when I got annoyed at his cold feet shenanigans. Because he then proceeded to deliberately harass me! North Korea often tries to provoke South Korea. Are you the North Korea in your relationship? Not as in being a totalitarian dictatorship in your relationship (haha let’s hope not!), but that you deliberately provoke your partner. Some people just can’t help themselves. If you are a regular reader of our comics you know that Hugh often does things just to get a reaction from me.

Make sure you check out the comics on our blog here. The comics explore cultural differences and moments from our life together. Let us know if you’d like us to talk about a previous comic in a video! It’s fun to act them out and remember those moments. They really like snapshots of our lives.
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