As a Korean, one question that I get the most from people is, “How did you learn English?” So here is my answer to all of you!

English has a sentimental and spiritual meaning in my life, so I had many things to include and talk about. I hope you find 18 minutes of watching worth it. For your convenience, I organized all what I talk about in the video in one piece of paper, and you can find it at the end of the video.

*Inspiration + Creativity + Hard Work = The Best Result (My Creative English Art)

Both English and Korean are very strong parts of my identity now. They are like my mom and dad whose combination gave birth to me. There are parts of me that are definitely developed from English language and other parts from Korean language. I used to think that it’s very unfair for Koreans when it comes to learning English, because two languages and cultures are so different to begin with. But now I know there are so many hidden benefits, and that doubles the excitement of learning.

I wish all of you ESL speakers good luck on your creative journey with English! If you happen to be a Korean learner, then I also hope what I share in this video help you learn Korean in a much more exciting and creative way. (Plus, I’ve put Korean subtitles, so you may turn it on while watching and practice reading Korean!)