After long consideration I decided to book the North Korea New Year’s Eve tour in November 2018. It was a 6-day tour and I visited several places like Pyongyang, Sariwon, Kaesong, Nampo, and Panmunjon. I was surprised that many South Koreans didn’t really know that it was possible for most foreigners to get into North Korea by organized tour. It’s hard to describe what I have experienced, but it was definitely interesting, weird and surreal. First of all, I had to travel from Seoul to Beijing from where I took a train to Dandong and in Dandong I transferred to the train for Pyongyang. The whole trip took like 30 hours or more, while in theory I could drive to Pyongyang in less than 3 hours from Seoul. Along the train ride I could see a lot of North Korea’s country side, farmers, animals, bikes, people walking, small towns with traditional buildings, train stations, bigger cities, propaganda slogans everywhere etc. etc. Then I arrived in Pyongyang a big city with almost 3 million people. Most of the people here are privileged. It was shocking to see the contrast between country side and the capital city. When it turned dark there was hardly any light in other towns and cities except for the few lights from bikes and cars, in Pyongyang however there was lots of lights at first sight. I expected that I wasn’t allowed to film a lot, but there were not many restrictions besides not filming military and that you have to take a full shot of the leaders at all times. Because of my basic Korean I could even communicate with the North Koreans throughout the tour, that was for me one of the highlights. No matter what people think of this country, the people are still just people. Like you and me. Any interaction I had did give them and me a smile. So in this first episode I show you how I entered North Korea and I try to show you exactly what I have seen and felt. I hope you like my content and enjoy watching this series. Please take things with a grain of salt, because it’s just a subjective vlog through my eyes