Hello, Hallo and 안녕!
It is a new week and that means it is time for a new korea vlog. This time I went to Gangnam district and also made a quick visit to Coex, a huge underground mall in Seoul.

So, first to Gangnam. It is a very famous are in Korea and I bet every tourist gives it a visit. It is an area where you can find ton of shops including makeup and clothes, pretty cafes and lot of places where you can eat and drink whether it is western style food or traditional Korean style food. Oh, and it is always crowded, especially at night or on the weekend.
In this korea vlog, I give you a quick updated tour of the Kakao Friends Store. This is a cute store where you can find all stuff regarding Kako Frieds and on the top there is also a Ryan café on the third floor. It is affordable and cute at the same time. Check out the vlog how it looks like and what kind of cute food they have to offer!

I also found a very quiet café, at an area of Gangnam were I went for the first time. If you want something quiet you might like this place. By the way, the second floor is used as a share house.
I’m also introducing to you a place where you can drink traditional Korean alcohol. They also offer some Korean dishes and fusion food at the same time. If you look after a comfy place to drink this might be your place!

As a bonus, I also I give you a quick tour of Coex, a big underground mall.

I hope you enjoy this vlog. All my videos are in German but I have English and Korean subs!
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See ya!