Are you looking for something exciting to do? Do you enjoy the outdoors? Do you love horses? Then keep reading!
Last year I went to Haemi Fortress in Seosan. There, I met a man who has a horse drawn carriage at the fortress. I went to eet the horse and started talking to the guy about how much I love horses and how my dream was to learn how to ride a horse. He tells me he has a ranch and invited me to his home!
This year, I finally had the time to visit his ranch. I enjoyed my time there so much that I thought of a plan to share this experience with others. I will reach out to other foreigners in Korea who also share my passion for horses or who just want to try something new!
He offers a 2 day 1 night trip. This trip is usually 100,000 won, but for those coming through me he will discount it to 70,000 won! This is amazing for what he offers! Check out the video to learn what it will all include!
If you have any questions or are interested, please shoot me a message and we can discuss more details.
You will not regret it. His land is beautiful and he is super kind and thoughtful! He does what he can to insure comfort and fun!
One of my dreams have been to learn how to ride a horse and finally it’s coming true! Another dream is to live on a large property with horses, dogs and my family! This man is living my dream. His property is beautiful with an amazing mountains view in his backyard! You can take lots of photos and take scenic video! Make sure you bring your drone!