Spring which we all have been waited for has just hit Korea with first cherry blossom and In this video you will see our small travel to Let’s Run Park in Seoul. Since we live few kilometres away from the place we jumped on bikes and treadled our way swiftly through the bridges and crosses. Our initial goal was just to enjoy first cherry blossom but it turn out that we started betting on horse racing. If you dont know Seoul Let’s Run Park, which located near Seoul Racecourse Park station, is the place where located the biggest korean horse racing stadium. If you want to see how people throw millions of dollars on single 1000m race you have to come here for sure. On the other hand it’s quite cool to actually try betting, picking the horse, those 3 min of overwhelming emotions when you scream with a sound of people next to you, ye, seriously a lot of fun.
Ticket on weekend will cost you just 2000won and week days it’s free to enter but there is no racing on week days, but the park by It self worth comming. It will surprise you with picturesque waterfall square, multiple sculptures, exotic trees and plants. That is also the place where you can study horse riding by the way.
It was a first day of cherry blossom festival when we got there, so there were a lot of hand crafts on sale, promotions, street artists, games, food carts and small magic shows. People enjoyed first warm days puting up their tents almost everywhere they could possibly do that. So check it out !