Hello, Hallo and 안녕!
Long time no see I would say haha. In this Korea Vlog I take you to Hongdae, one of the youngest, alive and hip places in Seoul. There’s so much to see including Cafes and Restaurants and of course many shops as well!

I discovered a really good tteokbokki aka spicy rice cakes place. It’s a pretty small place but it’s really good and the price is affordable as well. Totally recommend it if you want to try some really good spicy rice cakes.
I’m also taking you with me to the Kakao Friends Museum. To be honest, it wasn’t the most fun place but you can definitely take some cute photos there and as always, I went to some new fancy cafes (pretty cafes are always a must in Seoul!)

Also went to one of my favorite spots – Han River aka Hangang. I went camping there and if you hang around there you have to eat the instant noodles (ramyun) It’s just a must! The convenience store near the Hanriver also have these Ramyun Machines which will cook your ramen PERFECT! I show you the machines in another video more detailed so check it out if you are interested.

Oh, I also went to Lotte World Mall. So yeah, as you can see I’m doing pretty much in this vlog and went from here to there haha. I hope this vlog can give you some ideas what to do in Hongdae or Seoul, Korea overall.!

By the way, all my videos are in German but I have English and Korean subtitles so everyone can enjoy them. So, I hope you enjoy this Korea Vlog and stay tuned for more upcoming Korea Vlogs and K-beauty stuff!
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