Hi, everyone! 🙂 Today I talked about our honeymoon experience in my video. The whole itinerary for our wedding was crazily busy because we had our wedding in Busan for my parents although we live in Seoul. It was something impossible to prepare the wedding traveling from Seoul to Busan having a normal job in Korea, but I might share this experience with you guys next time. After the wedding, we were extremely exhausted both mentally and physically. Accordingly and guessably, we arrived in the airport late and found out that we made a huge mistake right before we checked in. We almost missed the flight and had a nasty first couple fight as a married couple. Just one night after we had a wedding!! Aren’t you curious what happened on that day? I explained all the details in my video, so please kindly watch my video and share your own experience or opinion in the comment section. I know that wedding is rather stressful event in Korea by experience. I’ve also heard from many friends that their honeymoon did not have so much different vibes. I’d love to share my experience with all of you guys through my video, so people who already got married could sympathize with my experience and people who are not married yet could have a sneak peek on the wedding experience.

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