Recently, Motorcity in Itaewon has been hosting pop up events called “Asian Street Food”. At the last event, Homeboy Asian Street Food cooked ramen, while at this event, Roujiamo, or Chinese style flatbread was made. Similar to a sandwich, these contain meat, flatbread and toppings. I decided to order the cayenne fried chicken roujiamo and the braised pork roujiamo. I was pleasantly surprised on their customer service, they were easy to talk to and invited to me film around the restaurant. Since I ate here at 12pm, there were not many people and half were foreigners. Once the food was brought to the table, I was able to see what their style of roujiamo had to offer. The chicken contained more meat than the pork by a large margin but I felt the pork offered a variety of different flavors. The flatbread was tasty and very well made. They offered specialty cocktails and, although I didn’t try them, they were presently in a professional manner. I do hope more pop up style events happen as the variety of foods and authentic knowledge would be a popular event with Koreans and foreigners. The staff was incredibly easy to work with since they only accepted cash (during this event) and I was 500 won short. A quick run to the ATM was needed and the staff was accommodating throughout the whole process. If you see another pop up event, I can recommend trying it if you can get there before the crowds. Personally, the max wait I would willing to accept is around 15 minutes as I can see people lounging around once finished.