One of the best things to enjoy autumn in South Korea is for sure to go hiking. And since my friends from Austria stopped by in Seoul and specifically asked to go for a hike to the Mt. Bukhansan / Baegundae Peak in the Bukhansan National Park, I agreed to this without thinking to much. Something I kinda regreted the 2 days after the hike.

So after eating the live Octopus (낙지) at the Gwangjang Market (광장시장) last week, we skipped the mukbang video and went out to the Bukhansan National Park (북한산국립공원) to climb up the over 800m high Mt. Bukhansan (북한산) / Baegundae Peak (백운대). Also the weather was perfect for hiking and it was also beautiful to enjoy the nature in the middle of autumn. Just the only thing I didn’t consider: I wasn’t really in shape for a 2h hike, so I ended up having a muscle-ache for over two days. But the view over Seoul and South Korea was really beautiful and definitely worth the hike, so if you live in Seoul and you never climbed up to the Baegundae Peak (백운대), you should definitely do this one day.

At the end of our hike up to the Baegundae Peak we took some rest, enjoyed the beautiful weather with the astonishing view, enjoyed the Kimbap we brought up along and took some nice pictures at the peak of the mountain.

I really had a great time with the fellas and I hope they will come back and visit me in Korea once again. I hope you enjoyed watching my video, if you like to see more videos from my life as a foreigner here in South Korea, please subscribe my Youtube Channel Mika in Korea, where I upload videos on a weekly base. You can also find me on Instagram, if you are more into pictures. Thank you sooo much for watching a have a nice day! cheers Mika