Hello! This is ‘Lina Woo’, a Korean youtuber living in Seoul, doing videos in Spanish. I’m interested in different cultures, including their languages. I tried to learn a lot of languages but somehow Spanish was the one that hit me :D.
So I attended private institue in Seoul to learn Spanish for a year and then self-studied. Actually I started youtube to enhance my Spanish speaking skills at first, and somehow it was really fun and I’m still continuing to do it.

In my videos I mainly talk about Korean language, culture, understanding Korean life and I also do Vlogs of my Seoul life. I started my channel to teach Korean language only at first, but as time went by I discovered that there are many people who want to discover Korean culture.

The on-going video series are : Korean Language Classes / Korean people / Vlogs. Hope you enjoy this week’s video of V-log around Seoul. I make videos every single week(end), on Sundays. One-two, two if I make a vlog.

Thanks for reading my introduction and don’t forget to subscribe if you like my videos! Thank you and Hope you have a great weekend. Adios!