This week I finally edited my video about the cherry blossom trees at my university. Thankfully I was able to get this video recorded because the next day, the rain killed all the flowers ending the cherry blossom season early here.
I started off my day just catching up with you guys a bit as I walk to class. I have been busy with team projects and make up classes but I didn’t let it prevent me from getting pretty videos.
After my classes I met up with my friend 길현 (his english name is Greg) and we had lunch at a really nice restaurant behind my major building. The place is called
こんにちは and they sell really delicious japanese food. My favorite part about the food here is how they make the rice taste a bit sweeter. The prices are a bit more expensive compared to everything else in the area but if you want to splurge I would recommend this place.
After having lunch with 길현 I met up with my friend Hussein to go for a walk around campus and look at all the pretty cherry blossom trees. He wasn’t overly interested in the flowers but I didn’t care. I tried to bring you guys to all my favorite places on campus to see the cherry blossoms which turned into a game. I wanted to record all the trees I could find. Even down to a coffee can haha.
Anyways I hope you guys enjoy this video and I hope to hear from you guys if you have any questions or suggestions of what you want to see in future videos. Thanks for watching~~