Are you a Harry Potter fan? Do you live in Seoul? Have you ever wanted to go to the Harry Potter Studios, but it’s been too far for you to actually go?

If you answered “Yes” to at least to one of those questions, this place it definitely for you! I present you the 9¾ King’s Cross cafe&pub – a newly opened Harry Potter themed cafe in Hongdae!

As soon as we heard it was opening in Seoul, we rushed to check it out. Even though there were some Wizarding World inspired cafe occurances in Busan, Daegu and even Bucheon – it is the first one in Seoul and to be honest with you – it looks legit!

Rather than being just a cafe, King’s Cross is actually a whole building made to look like the famous train station from our favorite series of all time!

Even though during our visit it was still underprepared, now there are 4 full floors designed as the sets from the movies! Ever wanted to visit the Gryffindoor dormitory? Here we come!

And good news for those, who would like to get something stronger than coffee – there is actually a Hog’s Head (a bar, widely popular among British wizards in the series) themed pub open on the Basement floor! Butterbeer at daytime, real beer at night? Sounds like a plan!

Even though King’s Cross cafe cannot compete with neither of the theme parks, designated to the legendary series by the J.K.Rowling, it can be a closer and cheaper alternative for those, who crave some magic in their lives right now!

We really liked the place and I feel like you can see it from the video! Hope you can enjoy it!

Let us know in the comments – which Harry Potter book or movie did you like the most?