In this video, we’re looking at some of the researched data on how difficult Korean is to learn in relation to other foreign languages (from an English speaker’s point of view). Also, as someone who has reached a decent level of proficiency, I share my personal hardships with the Korean language (some ongoing). My goal in this video is to offer both Koreans perspective on how foreigners feel when learning their language, along with giving Korean learners extra motivation and insights when learning Korean.

Please don’t be scared off by the difficulties though! While Korean is definitely not the easiest language in the world, there are several things about studying it that give learners an easy time. Examples of this are learning to read Hangul (the Korean writing system), and the abundance of English loan words.

As a teaser, two things that have always been difficult for me are speaking with elderly Korean people and listening to rap. Both of these situations require a concentrated effort on the part of the Korean learning listener, and are challenges that I still struggle with to this day!

I hope to continue to share videos like this in an ongoing series that documents my language learning journey. I’m also extremely curious about the experience of other Korean learners and the experiences of Koreans learning English.

There are, of course, subtitles offered in both English and Korean, so English speakers can follow along with ease. No one ever said learning new languages was easy, so let’s share our growing pains and motivate each other to reach higher levels of fluency!