Hey I’m Marie, I just made a new video about “Hanbok Day in Namsangol Village”. I make videos about my life in Seoul as a non English teacher. Most of my videos now are about places to visit or things to do. As I have just started YouTubing I would love to get some feedback or advice.

On Satuday 14th of September Funday Network Korea organised a FREE Hanbok event in the Traditional Namsangol Hanok Village. Together with my husband and two friends we attended this event. During the whole evening there were different live performances which were truly amazing, especially the traditional Korean drum performance. We also had the chance to make peper lanterns, play old Korean games and try different kinds of food. Namsangol is a village that opened in 1988 on the east side of Namsan Mountain close to Chunmunro Subway Station. As it is located next to the mountain the view is absolutely amazing. During the week and on weekends there are many traditional programs and activities you can attend at Namsangol Village. These traditional programs include hanji (traditional korean paper) folding, writing in Korean, a herbal medicine experience, wearing a hanbok, traditional tea ceremony and tradtional etiquette school. There are also taekwondo performances during weekends and taekwondo experience on wednesday and thursdays. On top of that you can also try tradtional games such as yutnori (traditional board game). Want to know more information about the village? Why not take a guided tour?

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