Halloween is coming! Are you ready to get all spooky?

Since one of the biggest fall festivities is just around the corner, we have decided to make a video, which would help us set the mood. Here it comes – Halloween costume ideas: Korea edition!

Even though Halloween is not widely celebrated in Korea yet, more and more young people come out of their way to organize and attend Halloween themed parties, make some incredible costumes and dive into the mood of the spookiest night of the year! But every year, people face the same dilemma – “what to wear?” “Who to dress as?” Do you want to be a witch or a zombie? Do you want to go for a cute look and dress as a doll? Or mix them both and be the creepy doll?

Well, we have prepared you some Halloween costumes ideas, which are exclusively Korean! Korea has a uncountable amount of various scary stories, urban legends, and some webtoon horror, which will not let you sleep at night! Do you know, that in addition to regular ghost stories, there are some ghosts, specifically known only in Korean culture? Let us introduce you to the infamous Toilet Ghost, handsome Grim Reaper, a seductive Gumiho – the nine tailed fox, creepiest webtoon character Red Masked Woman and many more!

In this video, we have decided to talk about them for a while and also tried out few of those costumes ourselves. You can see the results. Which one did you like the most? We had a lot of fun filming the “horror” scenes, so we hope you will enjoy it at well!

Thank you for watching!

What are you going to be this Halloween? Leave us a comment