Hello! I’m Sarah and I’m an exchange student at Yonsei University.
Last week I got a hair makeover here in Korea and I decided to make a youtube video out of it!

In August, I was contacted by a hair dresser who was looking for a hair model to use for her exam. She asked me if I was interested, and because I want to experience as many things as possible while I’m here in Korea I of course accepted the offer.

She had a few ideas as to what was going to happen to my hair but we never decided on anything, so I basically had no idea what style she was going for…

First off, when I arrived at the hair academy, “before” photos were taken of me by a professional photographer. I was not prepared for that at all, so I hope the photos won’t be posted anywhere, haha😆

After that the exam began. It was 3 hours in total: one hour of giving me a haircut, and then two hours of dyeing my hair. My hair dresser didn’t know any English, so I had a great opportunity of practicing my Korean skills in those three hours😁

Afterwards, the teachers evaluated the result and I got “after” photos taken by the same photographer.

I won’t explain the final result here (I can reveal that it’s VERY unique and different from what I’ve ever had before) so if you’re curious about what happened to my hair, make sure to watch the video to the end!

YouTube: Sarah N
Instagram: @xdebitumnaturae