In this adventure, Cheol and I went to remake our rings after losing them two years ago. I lost mine during a snow storm and his just disappeared. (Or maybe his mom threw it away?) We decided to make the same exact rings and found a nice place that offered life time ring cleaning! The whole process only took about half an hour and we had to wait about an hour for them to put in the diamonds. The process of making the rings was very special because we made rings for each other and not our own. Rings are actually no the only thing you can make at the shop. You can also make bracelets and other accessories with your friends. The thing I love about these shops is that you don’t really need to be fluent in Korean to understand because you just follow what the staff shows you. While we waited, we went to eat shabu shabu and I gave him his anniversary gift. As I had recently gone to Japan, I was able to get my hands on the popular Royce chocolate and surprised him. I think I’ll probably buy ten boxes the next time I go to Japan because those chocolates tasted amazing! Overall, it was a fun experience. These type of activities are great for couples to bond and work together. There are also cake decorating cafes and phone decorating cafes. I hope that more of these hands on shops will open with different themes in the future!