Even though Seoul is known for its urban areas the most it is a city rich in forests and parks. Of course, everyone is aware of Han River parks, Seoul Forest, Children’s Grand Park, Olympic Park and other major areas, that make you forget that you are in the most populated city in the country. But the capital of South Korea has much more to offer to its residents and visitors, who might feel tired from the urban atmosphere Seoul mainly holds.

Recently we stumbled upon the Gyeongchun Line Railroad Forest Park (the old Hwarangdae station), which was opened last autunm.

The Gyeongchun Line was the first railway originally built during the Japanese colonial era in order to transport natural recourses, so it gives away some Japanese vibes. The main forest area is located in the former area of the old Hwarangdae station (not to confuse with the Hwarangdae station Subway Line 6), which is not completely empty, but open for the visitors. The park itself stores some different type of train examples and even an old tram!

If you are looking for a peaceful walk with a spice of history, Gyeongchun Line Railroad Forest Park is a place just for you! Don’t forget to bring your camera and a good mood!

This video is just a casual vlog of our everyday lifes! We went there on a really nice day. First, it was raining so much in the morning, we thought it will be impossible to go outside, but we were lucky enought not only for the rain to stop,but for the sky to becors rarely beautiful.

Hope you enjoy!