Hello, Hallo and 안녕!
It’s a new week and that means it’s time for a new vlog!
I am a tourist for a day in Jogno, Seoul and show you all the hot places over there. I went to five different places including traditional and modern spots.

Ever heard of Gwangjang Market. It’s a traditional Korean market where you can find a lot of cool stuff. You also have a chance to do some thrift shopping. The most interesting part (at least for me) was the food. They sell a lot of traditional Korean food like Bindaetteok. These are Pancakes made form Mung Beans. You also get to see a lot of Sundae, Kimbab, Tteokbokki and a lot more!

The next place I went to was Ikseon Dong. It’s a place which got so trendy these days that it’s super crowded. It’s really hard to find a seat in a café on the weekend. But I do like this place very much due to its unique atmosphere.

I also went to Insa Dong, Ssamziegil and Sicheong. Ate a lot of stuff and enjoyed the pretty night sight in the middle of Sicheong aka City Hall of Seoul.

I hope you enjoy my 1 day tour in Jogno, Seoul where I went to 5 different places. It was really crowded cause the weather was so nice on that day but I still tried to film as much as I could. So, I hope you’ll enjoy the video!

All my videos are in German (but you can hear a bit of Korean, too) but I do have English and Korean subs as well! See ya 😀

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