Starting a new YouTube channel is tough.
How do you get subscribers?
How do you choose your content?
Can you change your personality?

It’s scary starting from zero subscribers, but it’s time to take on this new challenge of a new channel. I don’t really know much about the details of “creating the perfect channel” ~ mostly because there is no one method. But having this conversation with Haeppy from the We Fancy channel helped push me in a direction. Is it the right direction? I have no idea, but it’s going to be fun trying.

We broke this conversation down into five areas:
1. What is your motivation?
2. What style of channel are you making?
3. How do you choose topics?
4. What about equipment? What is the most important piece of equipment to buy? How much do you have to spend?
5. Don’t start! Or… figure out if you have what it takes to make a channel.

Personally, I believe that YouTube – especially YouTube in Korea – is going to go through some major changes in the next year or two. It’s about time for creators here to match the quality that comes out of YouTube, but it is absolutely not necessary to spend tons of money to start.

What do you think? Is it too late to start a channel? Can you create good content without expensive equipment? Can you use just your phone?

Also, who is doing it “right” out there in the YouTube world? Join the conversation, and let’s figure this out together.

~ Alex