If you’ve ever been camping in South Korea, you know at times you’re likely to see more tents than trees. Imagine a campsite where you’re the sole tent and have a private beach all to yourself? Well, we found just that. Located someplace on the island of Geoje, is a much underutilized man-made beach.

With evergreen covered mountains behind and a picturesque bay in front, this gem of a campsite was really one of the best places we’ve had the joy to pitch a tent. Except we didn’t come here for your typical camping. We were very fortunate that White House Korea let us borrow one of their fun Carnival pop top campervans to test out.

For regular viewers of our channel, you know we’ve been extremely busy with our own van which we are converting into a camper. Normally we would have been camping once or twice a month, but can you believe it, this was our first camping trip since winter. When White House Korea asked us to take their Carnival Pop out for a test drive, we jumped at the chance.

We were extremely excited to try out a van that was closer to the size of our own. In New Zealand our van was a 6 meter long high top Benz Sprinter. That thing was a giant compared to our van Tubi. What we learned is that a few details may be different, but the adventure is still the same. We had a blast with the Carnival based camper.

Oh, and I did mention that there is a beach right? Seeing as how there was absolutely no one using it, we thought it would be a shame if we didn’t go for one swim. And it really felt good in the middle of this heatwave we’ve been experiencing. The water wasn’t as clear as you find on the east coast, but it was much more comfortable temperature wise to swim in.
This was day two of our trip. If you want to see how we set things up, make sure you catch the previous video. Coming up we’ll be back to work on Tubi, so make sure you don’t miss it. We have a nice surprise for you.