Finally! Part 2 of my road to skin perfection video is finished! I have always been envious of the beautiful skin that many KPOP idols, actors, & actresses have. Now having lived in Korea for a minute I can also say I grew to be envious of the amazing skin that the normal Korean person has as well. In my quest for skin perfection I decided to try my hands at a skin treatment in Korea for the first time. The perfect place to seek professional care could be in nowhere else but in Gangnam, the most posh area in all of South Korea. If you are affluent, beautiful, or want to seek beauty then there is no other place to go. At this time, hopefully you have already watched Part 1 of this journey (if you haven’t it isn’t too late to go check it out!) where I went for an intense laser treatment at AMOA skin clinic right in the heart of Cheongdam (It’s actually just a block down from THE SM office – home to Kpop sensations such as EXO, Red Velvet, Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, etc). In part 2 of our skin journey I bring you along everyday post laser treatment to see the recovery process from me looking like an aging red tomato to finally having truly beautiful and gleaming skin.

Make sure you watch till the end to see what the 1 week follow up rejuvenation treatment session entails and what you can expect for your skin to look like right up to the very end. I really had such an enjoyable experience making this video and I hope you guys have enjoyed coming along with me for the ride.