This time my Polish friend Tomek and his wife Misong invited me to their home town Yongin (용인), where we went to eat some local specialities: Gopchang-jeongol (곱창전골)! It is a beef tripe hot pot, a spicy Korean stew or casserole made by boiling beef tripe, vegetables, and seasonings in beef broth. Basically beef intestines!

Of course there are similar menus and dishes in Austrian and Polish culture as well but there I never tried to eat them because usually I am not so much into intestines. In Poland it is called Flaki and in Austria it is called Beuschel. And although Gopchang-jeongol (곱창전골) felt a little bit wired at the beginning, I got used to it, especially eating it with some wasabi sauce. For Tomek it is one of his favorite Korean dishes and he truly enjoyed eating it while we were filming 😀

But we didn’t just eat Gopchang-jeongol (곱창전골) as a mukbang video, we also talked about some difficulties for foreigners living in South Korea. We focused on topics and situations, which hasn’t to do with not knowing the Korean language, since you would have the same troubles everywhere else by not knowing the local language. So we tried to point out a few things, that are a little bit inconvenient or difficult to use for us foreigners here in Korea. So we talkted about too long Western Names in Korea, Bus transportation, Korean breakfast culture and also how difficult it is to make Korean friends here.

It was really a nice chat with Tomek. Perhaps you recognized him, he is the owner of the Long Sausage in the Hole, where I ate Polish Street food (Zapiekanka) in Korea for the first time! If you want to eat some good Polish snakes, check out his place!

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