Baeje was during the 1st century BCE to the 7th century CE. It was one of the Three Kingdoms that ruled during early Korea. Gongju Hanok Village represents architecture from the Baeje time. Gongju Hanok Village is known as a museum without a roof. The whole village is a historical site. The village is a combination of traditional Korean houses with some modern details, such as floor heating.
I went to Gongju Hanok Village with SNS tour. We were given a mission. It was a photo scavenger hunt with targets at each location we visited. The first place was the village where we need to take pictures with the bear, totem poles, and some small figurines. We also had to take a best concept photo. We were able to take many fantastic photographs!
The next location was a restaurant. We ate rice wrapped in a lotus leaf with some pork and side dishes. It was a great treat after running around in Gongju Hanok Village. From here we went to the Lotus Festival. This place was so beautiful! The whole place was full of lotus flowers and fun decorations. Our missions here were to take a photo of at least two people riding in a canoe, pictures of lotus flowers, a group picture in front of the Boryongjung building, and a couple other photos. It rained while we were there, but it did not interfere with our mission! We were determined to complete the tasks. We made sure to have a little fun and watched a fun singing and dancing performance.
After the Lotus Festival, there was one more location to complete the photo scavenger hunt. We went to Jeong Lim Temple. Here we needed to take a group photo in front of the entrance and another best concept picture with the group. Everyone ran off the bus and up the hill to the entrance. It was between two groups, who were leading the tour group. In the end, the two groups tied for first place. It was too difficult to pin point the team that entered their final photos first and completed the bingo card completely.
The reward was an amazing dinner which consisted of grilled beef and Japanese style rice and foods. After dinner, we went to a night market where we made a traditional fan and watched performances. It was a super long and wet day, but it was well worth it!