Hello! My name is Austin and I am a university student in Asan, Korea. I originally come from Kent State University in Ohio. I focus my topics on university life and social issues in South Korea. I am an international student studying at SoonChunHyang University majoring in teaching English as a second language. I came to Korea in August 2017. I came to Korea because I really hope to live here and have a career as an English teacher. I wanted to learn korean for work, so I decided to take a year abroad to study here. So far I have worked for my university as a teacher’s assistant for a winter English camp that was attended by local area elementary students. My video subjects about my education and career as a student have a multitude of topics, such as mental health in schools and a week in the life of an international student in Korea. South Korea is not a popular destination for international students to study, so that is why my video series are relatively unique.

I’m also an international observer member of the Green Party Korea, so I do talk and show about politics here. In this particular video, I run into a right wing protest and attend a feminist event for the Green Party’s Seoul mayoral candidate. The Green Party Korea has opened me up to to Social issues facing the country and has helped me find a second home here, completely avoiding homesickness. It’s one of the few political parties in Korea that have a focus on feminism, minority rights, and anti-racism/discrimination. Thank you!