In this video Silvia talks about the different k-pop concerts she’s been to, why she went and what it was like! For example, her first concert was in London where she saw Bigbang on their first world tour many years ago. It was an amazing experience to see people from all over Europe all gathering in one arena to see a group from across the world performing! We only included a few seconds of footage from this concert since we didn’t want to get into trouble but it features GD swearing (haha) and Silvia also talks about an incident where Taeyang started bleeding from his nose and had to leave the stage. His response was really cute! Next, after arriving in Korea, she managed to see Block B twice due to some unusual circumstances. Even though she wasn’t a huge fan before seeing them live the experience really opened her eyes to the group and she was happy when she got an opportunity to see them again. Now, we are aware that not everyone can afford tickets to concerts/have friends who can give them tickets for free so here’s another option: University festivals! In Korea the universities will arrange these festivals as promotion for their school and people can come to the campus and hang out, eat food and meet new people. And their way of attracting visitors is quite genius: free k-pop concerts! Some groups will announce their schedule beforehand so if you are an active fan you might be able to read off of their schedule what day and time they will be at a certain school and get your ass over there to see them, but sometimes the artists are kept a secret. In these cases however there will always be rumors floating around and you know for sure that the big schools will have some top class groups such as exo, bts etc even if they haven’t announced which one it is. At one of these festivals Silvia managed to see 4minute performing and she barely escaped the hoard of teenage boys screaming around the stage alive.