Are you interested in Korean history? Which era is your favorite?

If you have ever visited Seoul, most probably the first place to visit which was reccomended to you was either Gyeongbokgung or Bukcheon Hanok Village. After that, most probably you got reccomendations to go to Gyeongju. Am I right?

This is because Koreans are very proud of the graceful Joseon period and connect Korean traditional culture to it. This is why I want to introduce to another period – Goguryo Kingdom which was also one of the most graceful periods in the history of Korean peninsulla.

Even though there is no architecture from this period, because it was destroyed by the war, there is a small village just outside of Seoul, depicting this are. It is called The Goguryo Blacksmith Town!

The village itself was built as a historical drama set and was used since in many Korean Tv shows, such as Faith and Taewangsasingi. Do you recognize any of those places?

For a while, visitors had to pay an entrance fee, but as the town did not gain much popularity, the fee was lifted and now you can visit it free of charge.

We thought that it is definitely one of the most under-rated places around Seoul and decided to vlog our visit in order to share it with more people!

The best course reccomended would be to go hike Achasan mountain and visit the Goguryo Blacksmith Town on the same day! All it takes is just a short ride from Gangbyeon subway station, line 2! Enjoy!