Hello guys! It’s been a while (I’m so inconsistent, god).
Anyway, welcome back if you’re already familiar with my channel, and “nice to meet you” if you’re a new viewer (hope I won’t scare you away, lol).
Usually my content is all about veganism in Korea, but since my sister came for a visit – all I did during my vacation was tourist stuff (I mean, sure, we ate a bit – but that is saved for my next-next video about Taiwan). In this video, I show you one of the least known attractions near Seoul – Kangchon Rail park (*shouts of joy*). What’s that park, you ask? Watch the video!
Just kidding (no, but seriously, watch the video), the whole idea of the park, is to let you paddle your way to happiness, while seeing loads of cool sights you don’t really get to see while in the city. The sights are actually the best part; it actually felt like jungles or a scene from Indiana Jones. It was so much fun, and we got to bond a bit while paddling through tunnels and amazing sights.
Thing worth to mention is, watch the weather! Me and my sister decided to hit the park on a super hot day, which was a BIG MISTAKE. So, if you’re planning on visiting the place; make sure the weather is nice and a bit windy.
*The park is located near Gimyujeong station, and when I say near – I mean in the parking lot to the right.