What’s up everyone!

Jina Kim and I teamed back up to create a parody for Gmarket’s commercial featuring Seolhyun from AOA and Heechul from Super Junior. This was a tough video to shoot, edit and work with the music. I am looking forward to releasing the bloopers from this video because THERE WERE MANY! I was struggling to keep a straight face at so many points during this video!

Thank you Jina Kim for being a part of this project (she rocked it y’all!). Also, a huge thank you to my buddy Jimin for being 1/2 of the vocals (you can hear the British accent). My friend and fellow YouTuber JamesPrime worked camera for us (his channel link is below). And lastly, thank you Gmarket and DIATV for your help and support in doing this video. I hope this isn’t the first or last time we can work together.

Also, check out Gmarket’s page for some awesome shopping.
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