In my last interview I asked guys what they think of girl who have or wants to have breast augmentation. In this interview I asked girls what they think of guys who want to have pectoral implants.
I interviewed random people in Itaewon, Seoul South Korea on January 27, 2018.
Most of the girls didn’t oppose the idea. However they did mention that for guys it’s easy to make muscles as compared to girls. Therefore it’s better for them to work out and make muscles instead of going for cosmetic procedures.
It was also surprising that many girls didn’t even know that if that’s even possible or men even do that. Pec implants is still not very common among men, however, it is kind of becoming popular, and especially for men who wants to take a short cut.
Among all the interview in this video, my favorite was, when I met a gym instructor and how she responded to my question.
Breast augmentation, or pectoral implants, or any other kind of cosmetic procedures are a very good topics to discuss. I wonder how you guys see this. What are the advantages and disadvantages people could have. I would also appreciate if anyone who is reading this, have been through certain procedure and had a bad or good experience, please do share in my YouTube comment section below. I would really appreciate it. At the same time, let me know if there are other certain topics that you would be interested in.