So guess what I did? Yepp that’s right! I went and got my hair cut! The reason behind me getting it cut this short is because I really really really hate having long hair. I can’t stand it and I don’t know how to style it to make it look good. So I just went for the extreme and cut it super short. Originally I wasn’t going to go this short but last minute it did this!
A big reason I wanted to upload this is because I want to help people around campus find a good hair dresser that won’t mess up their hair. I know foreigners always have a hard time finding the perfect place to get hair cuts/ colors/ and styling so I recommend this place. She has been cutting my hair for years and I have never been disappointed. I hope she won’t disappoint you. You can even tell her that Becky sent you and I am sure she will be happy. If you want to know how to get there, check out the link down below.
I do have one thing that you have to know! She knows a few english words but she actually can’t speak in English very much. So if you don’t speak Korea, I would recommend that you bring a lot of pictures with you to show her. Through the broken English, I am sure she will understand the style that you want. This woman is very sweet and understanding
What do you guys think of the new style? Tell me in the comments down below and thank you guys so much for watching~~