Sup my Soul Fam! So quite a few people have asked me how come I have gotten into so many Kpop Fansigns whilst I have been here in Korea and how do you actually try to get into them. The truth of the matter is I have only been to see two groups (Astro and Snuper) and one of them was pure luck (Astro) whilst the other has a smaller fandom thus making it more easier to get into fansigns (Snuper)

In this video I actually explain that there are actually two kinds of fansigns: the less common first come first served fansign and then the more common random fansign where there is less of a guarantee of you being chosen (and this is the most common method that is used for Kpop groups). Getting into Fansigns is not easy at all – the bigger the group is the less likely you are at getting into the event (and we are talking about groups like EXO, BTS or Twice) unless you are looking to buy hundreds of albums!

Is it worth trying to get into a fansign? Of course it is! It is one of the best experiences that you can have as a kpop fan in Korea as there isn’t a more intimate event. I personally would recommend to try for lesser known groups first that have smaller fandoms so you have a better chance of getting into the fansign with less albums. But don’t let trying a bigger one be out of reach! You never know – there are people who have gotten into fansigns for Big Bang with just one album before, and my fansign opportunity was just the one album purchased also! Sometimes luck may just be on your side!

Give it a try and see! And of course tell me if you are successful!