Going along with the video last week, I have finally edited the video for part 2 of my Gangwon province trip. This is the same day but the theme of this video is the olympics!!! I got a wonderful opportunity from SBA to go on this 2 day 1 night trip to Gangwon province and the highlight of the trip was to get to visit the olympic stadium. This isn’t the place that the opening ceremony will be held but it’s still amazing. We went to one of the ski jump areas. They had this ski jump and the build completed and, let me tell you! It was amazing. I couldn’t believe how big it was. It was just amazing to be at the place where the Olympics are going to be head before the games even start.
In the building that the ski jump is if being held at, there was a museum as well. The museum wasn’t overly exciting so me and Nancy found a way to keep ourselves entertained by making up our own history to the parts that didn’t have english explanations. It was a truly beautiful museum that really showcased everything about the games and the history it has with Korea.

After that was all said and done, we went outside the ski jump area to check everything out but the only downside to coming to the games early was the fact that not everything was done being built. there was a lot of construction. I am sure it will look amazing when the time comes for the games but it just isn’t ready yet.

What do we do to have fun even though it’s not done? Place in the snow of coarse. The snow was artificial but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. Not only were snow angels made, but snow ball fights were had.

It was a really amazing opportunity and if you guys can get tickets to the game, I strongly recommend it because they are working really hard to make these games amazing
Thanks for watching guys~