Have you ever heard that Korean people have the best skin in the world? I truly believe the expression, ‘your skin is your best accessory’ holds true. If you look at KPOP idols or Korean actors/actresses, they all have the most flawless skin. You have celebrities such as Suzy, IU, Jun Ji Hyun, Park Shin Hye, & Yoona who are people just like you and me but who can not wear make up & still look like they are wearing makeup. Here is a secret guys; it’s not all genetics! We can aim to have the same flawless skin too if we also take the appropriate steps now. Koreans are well known to not only have regimented personal skincare routines but also regularly visit skin clinics for not just surgical procedures but also cosmetic ones. I was fortunate enough to work with Seoul Guide Medical to try my hands at a personalized skin care procedure right in the heart of Seoul. To be even more specific I went to the AMOA skin clinic in Gangnam (style) to start my adventures in seeking perfect & flawless skin of my own. I want to make sure I’m doing everything in my power to address all my skin concerns now so it’s not worse in the future. Through this 2 part series you will come with me on my Korean skincare journey as I go from consult to treatment to recovery and finally, the end result. If your still not convinced yet, some choice keywords related to this video include “pain control”, “protective” and “IV drip”.