Hello everyone! This is Gyu and Agata again!

Even though we recently had some slight delays in uploads (Agata tried to edit by herself and failed miserably) we are back with the new video!

This time we have visited one of the most beautiful Korean seasides – the Gangmun beach!

The Gangmun beach is located on the east shore of South Korea and is being continuously swashed by the waves of the, how Koreans call it – “East Sea”, also widely known by the name of “Sea of Japan”.

Gangmun beach is famous for its clear waters and some lovely picture spots. Do you know that lovely frame, where girls are taking pictures looking at the sea? Yes, you guessed it right. It is located in this beach!
Also, it is not necessarily a date spot or a place where only couples go – it doesn’t matter if you are there with your family, significant other, best friend or even alone – we’re sure you are going to have some great time!

If you want to take a rest from the crowded beaches, such as Haeundae in Busan, you should come here as well.

Even though we could stay there only for the short time, we want to go back there as soon as possible! Unfortunately, we did not have a chance to swim in the water, but next time if we have a chance, we will do it for sure.

Also, we hope you could enjoy some drone footage we took. We managed to fly our drone up to 2 kilometers away and even though it is possible to send it off even further, we decided not to risk loosing our baby in the sea!

What are your plans for this summer? Prepare your swimwear and head to the beach!