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Marco from Seoul Mafia and Michin Alex try a traditional Korean form of archery – 국궁!

This Korean archery is called 국궁 (Gukgung). I could be mistaken, but I’ll do my best Korean explanation for it. 국 (Gook or Guk) is the Chinese character for “country,” while 궁 (Goong or Goong) is the character for “archery.” So it means “our country’s archery” ~ I think?

It’s a really neat experience and worth your time! Check out the place listed right below and try to set up an appointment with them – you’ll probably need a Korean to help, though, if your Korean isn’t up to that level yet. It’s located in Seoul near Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁) – it is a bit of a walk, but not too far away.

Place: 황학정 (Hwanghakjeong)

After you get up the hill to the archery range, you can take a tour through the museum and check out all the archery equipment throughout Korean history – it’s fascinating! Then you can practice in the parking area until you’re ready to try the 145-meter range! It’s pretty long, though…build that muscle!

If they give you a chance to try out the traditional outfits from the Joseon dynasty, give it a shot! What we wore wasn’t what the actual archers that protected the kingdom wore, but the colors were pretty, so… of course we chose those ones!

Give Korean archery a shot! It’s worth your time to get a little bit of the cultural experience while having some fun.

Shout out to the Arirang team of the Globetrotters TV show (https://www.facebook.com/Globetrotters-819423004888034/) ~ they’re always very helpful in getting this experience organized. Seriously… they did all the prep…they’re amazing 🙂

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