In this vlog, me and my EPIK teacher friends takeover Korea’s famous Everland theme park by day and Seoul’s Hongdae district by night! This is part 2 of the ‘Weekend in Seoul’ vlog series where we celebrate our friend Kimmy’s birthday with roller coasters, Korean fried chicken, and fun at Hongdae’s famous Luxury Su Noraebang (럭셔리 수 노래방).

There are tons of things to do and experience as a visitor or resident of Korea. What makes these activities meaningful and memorable are the people you experience them with. My friends and I love to explore different aspects of Korea together and build memories with one another. And my goal as a vlogger is to document these moments and experiences while capturing the emotions on camera.

We start our day with an hour and a half long bus ride to Yongin to spend the day at Everland Theme Park. We took on many thrilling rides, to include the renowned ’T-Express’ wooden roller coaster, took on some arcade games, and stood face to face with a tiger and other animals (separated by a thick glass of course!). We didn’t let the heat and humidity get in the way of a good time!

After spending the day in Everland, we returned to Hongdae in Seoul to eat some delicious Korean chicken and Somaek (소맥) and sing our guts out at the Luxury Su Noraebang. This was all in celebration of Kimmy’s 30th birthday.

The vlog ends with us having one final meal at a brunch cafe in Hongdae before we all parted ways, heading back to our respective cities and towns. This was definitely one weekend to remember!