Hey Everyone,
Recently I made a funny sketch video about what foreigners do during Seolnal holidays. As most of you know, Seolnal is a special holiday for Korean people. Many go back to their hometowns to visit family, give thanks and offerings and also play games. It is a very interesting event! Highways are usually full and it is very difficult to travel to other cities for a holiday. Prices are also very expensive if trying to travel to other countries!

But for most foreigners there is not much to do. Most shops and restaurants are closed and the streets are pretty empty. So for most foreigners they have to find interesting ways to keep themselves entertained for a few days. In most other countries (mainly outside of Asia) foreigners do not have this holiday so it is a different experience here in Korea compared to the U.K.

I thought it would be funny to create a sketch video highlighting those parts(maybe some a little more extreme ;)). For new teachers in Korea, this would be their first experience and might not understand just how big of a deal it is!

Many Korean people participate in this holiday so may not know what foreigners do during this time or are maybe also interested to see what we do.

So this video below is a funny way to show Korean people what foreigners usually do (well maybe not everything haha) and would also be a video that relates to many foreigners living in Korea or even some other asian countries that celebrate lunar new year.