Welcome back to a brand new episode of Mika in Korea and this time I met Ben Mudge from Irland and Laurens De Vries from the Netherlands, who both came to South Korea for the first time to visit their friend Hugh. Both of them never ate Korean food in their life, so I though it would be a great idea to bring them to a Korean Restaurant and to eat some Traditional Korean food, called Hansik. Hansik is a really great introduction into Korean food culture, since the main dishes are served with a lot of small side dishes, so you can try a lot of different food. As the main dishes we ordered some Bulgogi (불고기 정식) and Spicy Grilled Pork (돼지고추장구이 정식), as a drink we decided to drink some Makgeolli, which was a little wired for both of them. Also Ben and Laurens are not used to spicy food at all, so it is funny to watch, how they are struggling eating the Spicy Grilled Pork and also the spicy side dishes like Kimchi for example. It was really a fun shooting, so I hope you enjoy our little mukbang video as much as we did enjoy filming it 😀

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