One of my absolute favorite ways to spend my time is with the people who are important to me. Creating memories with my friends will never get old. In this vlog, I spend the weekend in Seoul with a bunch of my friends to celebrate my friend Kimmy’s birthday. It was a fun-filled weekend that included so much that I had to make this “Weekend in Seoul” a 2-part series.

In part 1 of the series, I venture to Seoul from my city of Daejeon. After a long day’s work on a Friday night, I depart from Daejeon station via the KTX, and make my way into Seoul within about an hour’s time. Our group of friends booked a very nice airbnb for the weekend, which housed about 8 of us. We are all English teachers with the EPIK program and met earlier this year, but we all clicked really well have stayed in touch and met up several times. So it’s always a blast to get together with teachers from all over Korea with different personalities under one roof.

In this vlog, I wanted to capture the essence of our friendship by capturing the moments we spent together. Whether it was us roaming the streets of Hongdae in search for some Jokbal (족발) or spending the rest of the night in our airbnb, dancing to K-pop while drinking soju (소주) and beer, it was a memorable time! I hope that as you watch this vlog, you feel like you are part of the group!