Welcome to the first episode of ‘Exploring Daejeon,’ a series where me and my friends of KISG/DISG explore different neighborhoods and places in Daejeon. In the first episode, we head out to Daejeon’s Bongmyoung District (봉명동) to eat at a popular chicken and beer restaurant Ingeun Jumin (인근주민).

KISG stands for ‘Korean International Social Gathering,’ which is the primary social gathering group linking foreigners and local Koreans in Daejeon (and soon Seoul). They host two weekly language exchanges in Daejeon and monthly parties that encourage residents in Daejeon to come out and have a good time with one another.

The aim for this series is to introduce and showcase different places to go (restaurants, coffee shops, etc.) to foreigners and locals that may be outside of the norm. There are many places that residents may not know about in Daejeon that would be interesting to foreigners and Korean locals alike.

In the first episode of the series, we visit restaurant that became very popular on Instagram called Ingeun Jumin (인근주민). It’s not what most people know as Korean fried chicken, but rather a french inspired chicken pub that offers different tasty flavors of chicken which are marinated in different sauces and is served on a hot place with pasta. We enjoyed the curry flavor chicken and past and some beer. The chicken was juicy and the pasta was flavorful. It’s easy to see why this place became very popular among many of the locals in Daejeon. Enjoy this different style of chicken mukbang and I look forward to sharing more episodes from this series!