Are you a foreigner living in Korea? Or maybe in another foreign country? Do you know how locals potray you?

Or maybe you are Korean, who have met few foreigners and still believe on one of the most common sterotypes?

In this video we are going to talk about some common misconceptions and stereotypes about foreigners who live in Korea or even visit country for a short time. Also, we are going to touch up a little bit on the misconceptions about western culture in general.

Even though Korea have opened its walls to the outside world a while ago, the majority of Koreans still gather their knowledge about other countries mostly from TV and movies, as well as judge all foreign visitors based on their encounters with one single person, which does not necessarily represent the whole foreign community in this country.

Personally I have judged and misunderstood many times, even before people got to speak to me. I don’t bother being called american or russian, nor being asked to teach English a random stanger on the street anymore. I always answer “yes, I like Korean food”, “no, it is not that spicy” and “yes, I can use chopsticks” in the restaurant. I got used to those common misconpections, but there are still some things, which bother me more.

Regardless of your nationality and ethnicity, we are inviting you to an open discussion about some common misconceptions, most foreigners fake here, in Korea.

Even though everyone’s experience is different, I am pretty sure we can find enough similarities with one another. What was the worst stereotype you have heard about yourself in Korea? How did you deal with that?